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I probably shouldnt go near this with a 20 foot pole... but i did. A few days ago I received a letter in the mail from a religious caller called Jeremy.

He put a lot of effort into this letter. It was hand written and hand delivered. He was also kind enough to put his postal address on it, so i thought id send him a reply. And No, I didnt abuse him in the traditional Maddox-esque manner. I simply offerred him my opinion as he had been kind enough to send me his.

Below is his letter to me. Below that is my response.


My response:

15 October 2012

Dear Jeremy,

Thank you for your letter you left in my mailbox today. I appreciate the time you took to write it out by hand in a world full of printers and photocopiers.

I see how you refer to the tough times we are facing currently with job losses etc. Fortunately, I am not facing job loss at this time. However, like you, I do sympathise with those less fortunate than ourselves and I try to help wherever I can.

Thank you for the positive bible quote. I certainly hope that the new world is better than the current one, wherever and whenever that may be. The problem I have with your bible quote that you included in your letter is that there are more than 35,000 different interpretations of the bible (one for each different faction of bible based religious groups around the world). There are whole books that have been omitted over the last few thousand years. There have been hundreds and hundreds of translations since its inception. (King James alone did a tremendous amount of modification and editing to the bible for his own control and manipulation of the masses). Therefore, if this book can be interpreted in this many ways, has been modified and re-translated for the current era and has hundreds of missing passages, how can I be sure that ‘I’ even refers to your Jehovah God? How I can I be sure that any of the major future events prophesised in the bible that you refer to are really going to happen? The answer is simple… I cant. You yourself even modified the passage you copied into your letter. None of the versions that I have seen have ever had ‘Jehovah God’ in brackets after ‘I’. This is simply a belief.

There is actually more physical and written evidence all over the world that the ‘I’ could refer to an extra-terrestrial being or beings as opposed to a God as per the Jehovah’s witness doctrine. The original meaning of the word god in Hebrew (Elohim) was actually a plural. ‘The god s created man in THEIR image.’ The Sumerian tablets alone pre date any of this literature and refer to the creators (annunaki) as a group of people coming from the stars. They left tens of thousands of mines all throughout Africa that pre-date any mining operations we have ever done. Take Ezekiel… Im sure you know it… See how it refers to a wheel within a wheel or a flying disk? Ancient indian texts even show actual drawings and designs of their ancient UFO’s (Vimanas) These books are just as old as the bible, if not older AND have not been re-translated and edited anywhere near as many times.

It took a Japanese person no time at all to work out that the word to describe Mary in the bible as a virgin didn’t actually mean ‘virgin’ at the time, but in fact in just meant ‘young’ (kind of like how Gay used to mean happy) Not to mention the story of Jesus… his story is exactly the same as Horus (3000BC), Attis (1200BC), Krishna (900BC), Dionysus (500BC), Mithra (1200BC) and many more. They were all born of a virgin on 25th December, started a ministry in their 30’s, died for three days and were resurrected. Look it up. The key to this story…. The sun.

All of the religions worldwide have my full support in their basic principles: Don’t steal, Don’t murder, Don’t rape, Don’t cheat on your partner. However, I feel that I don’t need to devote a day a week to organised religion to live by these principals. And if I get to the end of my life having committed none of these common sins and I still end up going to hell, well then God isn’t nearly as loving as all of the religions worldwide make him out to be and I'll cross that bridge over the river Styx when I come to it.

So Jeremy, I wont bore you with more countless examples (and I do have them) of why I cant come along to your church. However, I do thank you for your time and for your ideas. I appreciate them and I respect your beliefs. I also very strongly hope that you respect my beliefs as well.

Both of our beliefs have something very important in common… neither my belief nor your belief can actually be proven conclusively to be the 100% truth. They simply rely on Faith and the feeling of truth that they leave in our hearts.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours Jeremy

Take Care and God bless.

Kindest Regards


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