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A lot of people use Blogs as a way of having a rant. I figure occasionally this page should be no different. Today's grumble pertains to Batman. Here goes:

I have to say I loved the shit out of the first Tim Burton Batman. And the second one. The third got a bit cheesy and the fourth started getting a bit rough.

Then that dark knight one or whatever came out with no joker, no penguin, riddler, catwoman or any of the classy characters.

It came out with a dude with a sack on his head. (and people loved it)

There was nothing gothic about it. It looked like A) an English mansion and B) new York or Sydney or something where everyone is driving round in holdens or whatever.


The last one with Heath Ledger in it was better. At least it was a return to a decent villain. Plus a few sweet explosions.

But where oh where are the elaborate German expressionist sets that Batman is famous for?

That gothic charm, 1920’s fashion, tommy guns, big old black cars and most importantly the architecture.

Id rather watch the 1992 Batman animated series or the 60s Adam West TV show than the new batmen.

OR perhaps I could watch something original that hasn’t ben remade 53 times since its inception.

I mean f*ck me in the ear with a dick, how many batman remakes do we need?

How many marvel comic remakes do we need?

How many avengers, hulk, American man, fucking superman, spiderman, catwomen spinoffs, iron man... the list goes on and on.

Doesn’t anybody in Hollywood have an original idea?

Are we all dried up as a species? That’s it? Just remake wonderwoman or release Shrek 5 or alice in wonderland the prequel.

Fucking prequels. Damn you star wars with your prequel idea. Now everything's got a prequel.

And fuck you trilogys.

Matrix was awesome. 2 and 3 blew donkey sacks.

No wonder there's piracy. Hollywood is just taking the piss.

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