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In about May of 2011, I began looking into a place in Australia called Grid Point 44.

I had recently learnt that there is a large energy grid that covers the world and that where the major points of this grid join on land, there seems to be some sort of ancient monument or archeological find.

For example:

  • The great Pyramid at Giza is less than 200km away from a major point.

  • Easter Island is about 350km from major point

  • Adams Calendar is 150km from another point in South Africa.

The lines between the major points seem to have interesting patterns that appear as well. For example, all of the towns that are on one of the lines in Europe have the word 'star' translated somewhere in their name. (See Erich Von Daniken)

I had read somewhere that the ancient alien theorists believe that these ley lines were 'energy rivers' that could be used by ancient flying machines. We unfortunately simply dont quite understand how to tap into this energy (yet)

So I came to the hypothesis that if there was a major point in Australia, then there would probably be some ancient monument or standing stones or something nearby. So I did a bit of research and found that there is in fact an intersection point in Australia known as grid point 44.

I found that this point is quite close to a major crater / geological site in South Australia called Wilpena Pound. There are some references to it on the internet here and there and with the help of a few friends and some software plugins, I managed to get a pretty good idea of exactly where it is.

I was also able to determine that there are in fact some very ancient sites in relatively close proximity to Grid point 44. Not only that but many stories of high strangeness in Wilpena Pound and surrounding areas. This includes many ghost/spiritual experiences, UFO sightings and mysterious deaths.


So we headed up there with the specific intent of going to Chambers Gorge and Sacred Canyon where there are petroglyphs that pre-date aboriginal activity in the area.

We found a guide that took us out to Chambers Gorge. It was 42 degrees C and the Gorge is at the end of a long bumpy drive through a dry river bed.

Here are a collection of images that we took of Chambers Gorge:

Chambers Gorge Petroglyphs
Chambers Gorge Petroglyphs
Chambers Gorge Petroglyphs
Chambers Gorge Petroglyphs
Chambers Gorge Petroglyphs

Note the circle within a circle image that appears all over the place.

Then the next day, we visited Sacred Canyon.

Sacred Canyon Petroglyphs
Sacred Canyon Petroglyphs
Sacred Canyon Petroglyphs

The signs in the area say that these mean 'waterhole' or refer to ceremonies that went on there. However, you have to ask the question... If there was a waterhole right there, why spend six hours chiseling away at rock to make a sign that says waterhole? why then do it 50 times? i mean if youre going to do a sign, wouldnt you do it AWAY from the waterhole to thus lead you or your friends to the waterhole?

One of the symbols apparently refers to an Emu. I cant imagine that I would spend hundreds of man hours writing the symbol for emu all over the place.

I think the symbols refer to something else due to the sheer amount of effort required to create them. It's not a scribble on a piece of paper. Why the circle within a circle with the line through it? It seems almost like a signature.

Heres where it gets interesting...

When we got back to internet land, we searched on google image for 'petroglyphs'

We scrolled through the pages and pages that come up and we found petroglyphs that looked like the ones that we had seen that day. However, none of them were in Australia. They were in the US...

sedona petroglyphs

Sedona Arizona.

southern utah petroglyphs

Southern Utah

Valley of Fire Petroglyphs

Valley of Fire Nevada

We then took good old Google Earth with the UVG grid plug in and searched for these locations.

It seems that if you follow one of the major lines from Grid point 44 north east to the nearest UVG point on land, you end up right where these petroglyphs are. The similarities between the South Australian ones and the US ones were quite remarkable. Some of the symbols were pretty much identical.

So we kept searching...

We found more petroglyphs with an uncanny resemblance to the Australian ones:

congo petroglyphs

The interesting thing is that if you follow the line that went up to the US petroglyphs back in the opposite direction to the nearest UVG point on land, you end up where these ones are. (Gabon in the Congo, Africa)

So that's 3 UVG grid intersections on one straight line on 3 different continents that all have pretty much identical petroglyph symbols within a 200km radius of them.

So what could this mean?

  • It could mean that ancient nomadic civilisations knew of the significance of these spots.

  • It could be that the reason these carvings are so similar in all 3 areas is because they were done by the same group of people

  • perhaps there was communication between these three spots.

  • Or perhaps the people that lived in these areas saw similar things changing course as they flew up and down the energy highways between these spots.

  • Or of course it could be just a coincidence.

Whatever the answer is, I think that this pattern deserves further investigation. I'm delighted to have had my theory proven correct in that a UVG grid point in Australia did in fact have some very ancient stuff nearby. Obviously I was expecting pyramids or standing stones, but then again, I didnt get that far out into the desert simply because, well.. it's a desert. I'm headed back there this year, so maybe I'll explore a little deeper.

If I find anything else, I'll update this blog.

I hope this info helps and that somebody takes it further.


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